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There are a couple of options available to you. Many hardware stores and glass shops offer in-store repair services at very reasonable prices. Just measure the screens or bring your dealer samples and they can take care of it for you. Another option, if your dealer doesn’t offer screen repair, or can not handle a very large order – is to have them call us and we can fill a custom order for you.
This is a very common question. The bowing results from over stretching the screening material. Most better screen frame has a natural outward bow to compensate for the tendency of screen material to install tight. The best solution we have found is to place your hand in the center of the screen while rolling the spline in. By doing this the screen cloth is pulled into spline channel from the outside edges and not the inside. Keeping your hand in the middle puts just the right amount of slack in cloth. As you finish the last third of the last side, ease up on your hand and the cloth will naturally firm up.
Pets and kids aside, fiberglass screening should last 5 – 8 years under most conditions. Less in full sun and longer in shaded areas. Fiberglass also will not permanently crease when scratched. Aluminum screen cloth will last substantially longer (20 – 30 years) and is quite a bit stronger. One disadvantage of aluminum is that it will permanently show creases when scratched or impacted. One other factor is that the strands on aluminum are thinner and thus provide better visibility.
Without seeing it, it’s hard to say, but most screen frame will not bend back easily without permanent disfigurement of the frame and jeopardizing frame strength. Since screen frame is so inexpensive, it makes sense to replace either the damaged portion or the whole frame.
Contact a local hardware store or window repair specialist. If they stock Circle Glass Company parts, chances are pretty good that they have the part you need in stock. If not, have them send us the broken part and we’ll do our best to find a match.
Replacing a broken corner key is relatively easy and inexpensive. You can get a replacement corner key from any dealer that does screen/window repair. Or you can have them do the repair for you for a few dollars more.
You don’t have to! The easiest answer is to drive the broken corner deeper into the frame to make way for the new one. I won’t hurt a thing to leave the old one in there.
Most frames have an impression or dimple in two to four places that holds the frame tightly to the corner key. Drill out the impression mark. Do not drill all the way into the corner key. All you need to do is drill deep enough to clear the frame rail. When you have drilled out all of the dimples, the frame sections should come apart. When re-assembling, use a nailset that is slightly larger then the hole you drilled and stamp the dimples in the same places.
Repairing triple track frames is probably the most involved type of screen repair there is. It requires disassembling the lower half of the frame, installing the part and re-assembly – then re-screening or glazing. There are hundreds if not thousands of different styles of replacement slide bolts and corners. In most instances, you will be best off to take your frame to a screen service shop who stocks a variety of replacement parts. They can probably provide the parts you need if you want to repair it yourself, or they can fix it for you for a very reasonable price.

Don't See What You Need?

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